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Who We Are

We have been in business in South FL, for more than 35 years. Our company has served as an office not just for business but also for our yearly reunion with our clients.

We are a family and take the time to catch up on the previous year and how each of our families are doing. We don’t just prepare your taxes and send you on your way. We discuss their financial health and how we may be of service in any area of their lives. We offer a simple way to show you how to save more and spend less and get out of debt.

We truly love and care about the people we work with, so come and join our family. We are here for you all year round and we welcome the opportunity to serve you! (5)

What We Do

We understand how stressful tax preparation can be for so many people. You take care of your family and we will take care of your taxes. Service and satisfaction is our top priority, and we are known for outperforming our competition on every level. We understand that not all tax returns are the same and we don’t do, “one size fits all tax preparation” like our competitors. You deserve to have a personal touch when it comes to your tax preparation.

We offer e-filing, remote filing and online filing. For the busy taxpayer we offer you a very convenient way to file, no matter which service you choose. We carefully look over every return before it gets filed, ensuring all information is accurate and complete. We guarantee that you get the maximum refund when we prepare your return.